Smart System Map


Customer service tools for Public Transit have enjoyed explosive growth. Within a handful of years we have seen printed media enhanced with route planners, real-time next-vehicle-information feeds, and transit apps. The final piece is a simple, user-friendly front end so that users can access all tools in one location instead of clicking back and forth across multiple pages. That’s what the Smart System Map is all about.

Key Features

Brand consistency

You have invested time and money in establishing a brand identity for your agency. Your tools should reflect your brand, not generic third-party maps and route schemes. The Smart System Map is custom designed to the look and feel of your existing promotional material and provides a seamless user experience from print to real-time web.


Your customers should not require a tutorial to use your tools. The Smart System Map features a simple, economical, intuitive GUI. 3 buttons navigate users between a dynamically scaled system map, realtime bus information, and a route planner. The route planner provides connection results in the same colour scheme as the routes. The mobile web experience matches the desktop experience.

Many tools, one location

Your customers should be able to use all of your tools together. The Smart System Map integrates all of your existing tools in one design scheme so that your customers receive the added value of interoperability. Your customers can see your system, plan a route, and check real-time vehicle status, on the same page, at the same time… and see the same information when they check the system map at the station.

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