Custom Cache Delivery

Combine the benefits of both externally and internally hosted map services by having Lucidmap deliver a custom map cache based on your own data, either as a Ready-to-Use or Tailored map cache.

  • Fully compatible with ArcGIS Server 10.0
    – You control the level of interaction
  • Layer, field control
  • Selectively connect to actionable layers
  • Full ArcGIS Server endpoints
    – Delivered as ArcGIS 10 Compact Cache on high speed drive
Ready-to-Use Features:
  • Zero generation and design time and effort
  • Choice of symbology styles
  • Copy and Go
  • Choice of data sources
Tailored Cache Features:
  • Match existing brand identity – Blend and symbolize GIS data with existing branding
  • On demand Cache Generation Services – Cache generation as a service – Uses Lucidmap infrastructure
  • Tailored Cartographic Symbology – Use Lucidmap styles as a starting point – Tailor to meet specific application needs
  • Custom Geographic Extents